• Château Laroche-Jaubert Cérons
    Appellation Graves


Located in the village of Illats, the Cerons appellation is an exeptional sweet wine, its particularity is its unique terroir close to the Ciron Valley. In autumn, the morning mists roll up the river Garonne and are blocked by the forest of the Landes in the valley of Ciron. This moisture promotes the development of Borytis cineria.
This fungus causes evaporation of water from the fruit by degradation of the grape skin and has the effect of concentrating the grapes. This is an exceptional wine produced only during the years of great vintage.
It steams from the passion and know-how of Xavier Jaubert for rare crus. It is a wine of pleasure where profitability is not taken into account.
Exclusive and Confidential, Château Laroche-Jaubert Cerons is produced on a very small scale, on a one hectare plot of white semillon grapes, a yield of 900 liters per hectare.

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